Life of Summit's lubricants in rotary screw air compressor applications.

Life of Summit




The below information represents the typical hours seen in the field for Summit's line of lubricants for rotary screw air compressors. The life of the lubricant is affected by operating conditions such as discharge temperature, humidity, cleanliness of the compressor itself and the introduction of contaminants through the air intake. The below values are typical and do not constitute a guarantee.  




  TM series 200 ºF 1500
  PS series 200 ºF 4000
  FG Elite Series 200 ºF 8000
  FG series 200 ºF 6000*
  Summit Sierra Series 200 ºF 8000
  SUPRA series 200 ºF 8000
  DSL series 220 ºF 8000
  SH series  220 ºF 8000
  ULTIMA series  240 ºF 12000

*For units under Moderate operating conditions with routine oil analysis.

A general "rule of thumb" is for every 18 ºF above the maximum discharge temperature listed, the expected lubricant life will be halved.