How do I change a competitor's product to a Summit product in a rotary screw compressor?

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When replacing a competitor’s product with a Summit product, a minimal amount of time spent implementing a few checks can greatly increase the customer’s satisfaction with the Summit product and avoid potential problems.  The following steps should be considered when replacing products in circulating systems such as rotary screw compressors.

1)         Verify Summit replacement product is right for the intended application.

2)         Determine the condition of the competitor product through used oil analysis which includes the total acid number (TAN).  Analyze the used oil results to determine if possible problems currently exist. 

3)         If oil analysis indicates a TAN :

less than 5: for compatible fluids go to step four.  With incompatible fluids, use a flushing procedure before going to step four.

 between 5 and 10: use Summit’s VARNASOLV to clean the compressor.  Go to step four with compatible fluids.  With incompatible fluids, use a flushing procedure before going to step four.

between 10 and 20: two cleanings with Varnasolv may be necessary.  For the second cleaning, the unit should be filled to the minimum fill level with the Summit replacement product and 10% VARNASOLV added.

Another lubricant suitable for use in the application and compatible with the replacement product may be substituted for the replacement product for the second cleaning.  This option may be desirable if it is more cost effective.  Go to step four.

Greater than 20: contact Summit.

4)         Drain the existing fluid while still warm and fill with the Summit replacement product.  Drain as much of the existing fluid as possible in order to minimize contamination of the Summit product.  Replace all relevant filters.

5)         Obtain an oil sample after the Summit replacement fluid has been in operation for 200 to 300 hours to monitor the status of the fluid. 

NOTE:            “flushing” is the use of an intermediate fluid to remove as much of an incompatible product as possible.  Drain the existing fluid from the compressor and fill to the minimum fill level with a diester based product or the replacement product.  Run in the compressor for a minimum of 30 minutes.  Perform step four.